Little Ones – do they belong to us or do we belong to them

by Faith Valencia-Forrester from Brisbane

My three year old came running in to our bedroom last night “Mummy I have to go to the toilet!” I jumped up off the bed and followed her as she proudly ran in front leading the way. Before reaching the toilet, on her way through the lounge room, she saw her troll doll on the table. She stopped dead in her tracks and reached for it saying “I have to put this on my bed.” “Get it on the way back” I suggested. But no, she had to put it on her bed there and then. So back we went. On our way back to the toilet I looked down as this little miss as she proudly marched to the toilet after putting her treasure on her pillow and thought how much I loved her and how glad I was she belonged to me. But as she lead me back to the toilet I wonder, Do I actually belong to her.

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