A family of blue

by Natalie from Thornlands

I came into this world in the 60’s and have 5 brothers. One older 4 younger. Out of that family 5 of us followed in our fathers footsteps and became police officers. I originally joined the Victoria Police and later resigned to join the Queensland Police Service. I had 4 brothers join the NSW police where my father served for 32 years. We grew up in different parts on NSW due to our fathers occupation. We always belonged. We were involved in each community we resided in and our mother was the driving force behind that. She was the glue that kept us together. Times were tough in the 70s and 80s however we managed and we never went without. Time has changed things over the years with our folks divorcing after 39 years of marriage but us 6 kids still belong to a wonderful legacy and I am very grateful that I still contribute to this community no matter where I live. I have my own 2 children now and I hope that I have instilled in them a sense of belonging. It isn’t just about them it’s about all of us living together in a community of kindness and respect.

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