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Ellen van Neerven - on Belonging

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  • Little Ones – do they belong to us or do we belong to them by Faith Valencia-Forrester
    My three year old came running in to our bedroom last night "Mummy I have to go to the toilet!" I jumped up off the bed and followed her as she proudly ran in front leading the way. Before reaching the toilet, on her way through the lounge room, she saw her troll doll on the table. She stopped dead in her tracks and reached for it saying "I have to…

  • A family of blue by Natalie
    I came into this world in the 60's and have 5 brothers. One older 4 younger. Out of that family 5 of us followed in our fathers footsteps and became police officers. I originally joined the Victoria Police and later resigned to join the Queensland Police Service. I had 4 brothers join the NSW police where my father served for 32 years. We grew up i…

  • My first writers festival by nima nandy
    The smell of freshly brewed coffee in a room full of books and stories, writers talking about their creative journeys which evoked in me the possibility of my own creative journey and the first step towards a dream that could finally be fulfilled.. I didn't know that I wanted to be a writer or that I had a story in me.. but I loved stories ever sin…

  • Consequences of assimilation by Lee Sheppard
    When I was a child my mother's assertion that she was 'Australian' rather than 'Indigenous' when filling out the Gallop Poll mystified me. However, surreptitiously listening to my mother's conversations with friends and/family over the years provided the answer. Government policy which forbade the transmission of culture and language from one gener…

  • Dr Who in the Kitchen of my Childhood by Marina Byrne
    The kitchen of my childhood was a white hot, tight hot box that hoarded heat and ants and blowflies. The coloured glass of the lone casement window above the sink turned the sun’s rays into sickly green fingers of heat. It was the wet heat of the tropics and it stuck things to you. Your hair. Your shirt. Your loved ones. Dreams were surre…

  • It’s not the place by
    I have family scattered all over the world, which makes finding a place we all belong sometimes difficult. The last time we all got together was in Los Angeles. I've rarely felt such a strong sense of belonging as there under beautiful skies, by the pool, and around the corner from a theme park and a 24-hour boozer, spending time with my peop…

Ellen van Neerven

About Ellen van Neerven

Ellen van Neerven is a Mununjali woman from the Scenic Rim. She is the author of the award-winning Heat and Light (UQP, 2014) and the poetry collection Comfort Food (UQP, 2016). She works at State Library of Queensl…… read more

About This Project

Memory Makes Us is a live writing event that challenges writers to create a new work using as their inspiration collected memories from the general public. The project seeks contributions from anyone both online and in person during each event in a… read more

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